Boost Your Sound With an Amplifier

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So, you've got a shiny new electric guitar, but no way to hear it. Or maybe you want the sound of your acoustic guitar to travel further? At Mountain Jam Guitars, we have a variety of amplifiers for sale to fill your needs.

Swing by our shop in Oneonta, NY to see what new and used amplifiers are available.

Find the right amp for your guitar

Find the right amp for your guitar

If you're just starting out as a guitarist, choosing the right amp for your guitar can be confusing. Even if you're a pro, sometimes the difference is subtle. Some of the big differences include:

  • The type of signal picked up by the amplifier
  • The spectrum of tones the amp is designed to emphasize
  • The effects added to an acoustic versus an electric signal

The good news is you won't need to feel overwhelmed while browsing our amplifiers for sale. Visit Mountain Jam Guitars today and our team will happily help you pick a new or used amplifier.